Creating larger YouTube thumbnails for Facebook (4.30)
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Note: a YouTube URL looks like this:

Once you hit the generate button the app takes a while to generate the bigger thumbnail. So, please be patient. Once converted the preview and the custom URL will be displayed to you.
It is so frustrating when you post a YouTube video on facebook and they don't appear the way you want. I have done so much of research on this and have wasted days and hours in figuring out the root cause of it. Anyways no one wants to know WTF I have done, so lets just get started.
This is what you want :    
But this is what you get  :           
The worst bit is when someone wants to view your post on a mobile device. The big play button covers the entire thumbnail and your original content stays hidden under it. Most of the time people just ignore such posts and just scroll up/down to the next more appealing content.

Total Conversions: 712877
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